Monday, May 14, 2012

Sketching Above Beale Street

For our last sketch outing we met on Beale Street during the Beale Street Music Festival, which is actually held on Riverside Drive. So it was crowded, but not as crowded as you'd think.
The first sketch is the corner of Beale and 3rd. Though there are no people in my sketch, there were actually tons of people there. I had the perfect view from the upstairs patio of Alfred's for spotting characters, so I could alert the other sketchers: "Look! Old guy in a white suit and hat!"
The next sketch is of the Rum Boogie Cafe, catty-corner from Alfred's, where my cousins Pam and Terry often play music.
The top sketch is pencil, my trusty 4B, and the second is watercolor with some Sakura Pigma Micron pen on top. Both are on oak tag, a paper I'm trying out because it is similar to the paper in Moleskine sketchbooks, but they are loose sheets.

I loved getting a different perspective of a streetlight, being up on Alfred's second-floor patio. So yes, I actually had my feet ten feet off Beale.

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