Monday, May 7, 2012

Beale Street

The Memphis Urban Sketchers had our monthly meeting on Beale Street during Memphis in May. I like to go early to the downtown farmers market and get my pick of things, and I wanted to get a parking spot before it got crazy, so I got there almost two hours early and decided to paint the Orpheum. The scene was just around the corner from our meet-up spot, and I'd had a commission request, so it fit in beautifully with the morning.

It was a pretty detailed sketch, though, and it took a lot of concentration, so I only did one more with our sketcher group. A couple of ultra-prepared members of our group had scouted out the scene ahead of time and suggested the balcony of Alfred's, which has a view of the main part of the street and tables with sun umbrellas. Since it was an unusually hot day, the umbrella and wait service bringing cold drinks was a lovely way to work, and I did the below sketch from our table. I love getting to draw and chat with other artists at the same time -- a rare and companionable treat. I look forward to our monthly outings.

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