Monday, April 30, 2012

May Sketch Group on Beale Street!

Next sketch group
Saturday, May 5
Beale Street - meet at the Elvis statue on Beale Street between Main and Second
11:00 AM til 1:00 PM
The Beale Street Music Festival is this weekend. Though it does not actually take place on Beale Street, it will be pretty crowded and  you will have to pay to park. But with all of the activity it should be pretty fun!

Please comment here or on our Facebook page if you plan to attend.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Memphis Botanic Garden

April12 004

Tennessee Bicentennial Iris Garden
"In 1953, 2,500 iris rhizomes from the gardens of Mrs. Morgan Ketchum were donated, and the Ketchum Memorial Iris Garden was created. This gift marked the beginning of planned beds and displays for the Gardens of Audubon Park, later to become Memphis Botanic Garden. Later designated as the Tennessee Bicentennial Iris Garden, this breath-taking area with well-tended circular beds and statue of the goddess Iris in the center of a serene reflecting pool, is a focal point for Garden visitors and a scenic spot for
garden weddings.

Bearded Irises are the primary species of iris in the garden, with hundreds of varieties of bearded irises planted here. Other types of irises planted in the garden include Louisiana, Japanese, Siberian, and Spuria." -MBG

April12 007

Iris goddess

April12 008

April12 016


April12 033April12 035

April12 039

Rose Garden
"In 1958, the Rose Garden from Overton Park was moved to Audubon Park, now the current site of Memphis Botanic Garden. 11 years later, Mrs. Vance Norfleet donated the fountain that is currently the centerpiece for the 75 species of roses located in this garden. Since its major renovation in 2001, the Rose Garden has been a major attraction for visitors.
It is maintained with the support of The Memphis & Dixie Rose Society.

Roses have been cultivated for hundreds of years, creating many varieties within the three main types, modern, antique, and climbing. Our Rose Garden is fashioned after formal gardens of the past. The center beds contain modern roses, most of which are either hybrid tea, floribunda, or grandiflora roses. The beds on the outer rings of the garden consist of antique and climbing roses.The Rose Garden begins blooming in late March or early April, and continues throughout the warm season, with some still blooming as late as Thanksgiving." -MBG

April12 043

Rose garden

April12 050April12 049

It was the perfect day and time of the year to sketch at the garden. The Iris Garden and Rose Garden had beautiful new blooms.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sketching at a Local Park

 We sketched at a local park that this last Saturday. It was gorgeous out! Mary K VanGieson sketched the geese, when they stopped fighting long enough, and the beautiful koi who just wanted to be fed.