Monday, April 26, 2021

May 2021 Sketch group on Broad Ave

Hello to any faithful readers out there. This blog has been dormant for a bit, but we are starting to emerge cautiously from our pandemic shelters. We met in person last month (outdoors, at Elmwood Cemetery) for the first time, and it was so wonderful to see everyone again.

We'll be meeting in person again this month. The plan is to meet in front of a coffee shop and walk along Broad Avenue, sketching the wonderful old buildings in the neighborhood.

Saturday, May 1
10am - noon
In front of City & State (for beginning and end of meeting)
2625 Broad Ave.

Incidentally, we met on Broad Ave the last time this blog was updated! There has been some demolition along the water tower side of the street, so we will plan to meet back in front of City & State this time.