Saturday, May 26, 2012

Downtown Days

 I've been spending some time sketching downtown ever since our last month's Memphis Urban Sketchers meeting at Beale. The food trucks of Memphis have formed an association, and they had a "Food Truck Rodeo" recently in Court Square. Elmore met me down there for lunch, some blues, and (for me) a little sketching.

Afterwards, some of the Blues Awards musicians were playing at B.B.King's on Beale, so we walked south to hear some great music at a reasonable time of day. (Harder than it sounds -- much of the music I want to hear is well past my bedtime.) We saw Mary Flower from the northwest play, and I really enjoyed her Travis style guitar picking.

 Then Eden Brent was up. She's a boogie-woogie piano player from the Delta with an enormous voice and as much energy cracking off of her as any live musician I've ever seen. I love catching her shows when she comes up to Memphis.
 On another recent day, we went back to Court Square to hear Jason Freeman, one of my favorite local musicians. He plays hardcore, old-style blues alone and is also the front man for the Bluff City Backsliders. It was great to take a picnic down and hear some good blues. I love this city.

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