Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cleveland Street Flea Market Sketches

This month we went to the Cleveland Street Flea Market to sketch. It was a really nice visit - they even provided snacks!

Sandy gave me a sample of flavored coffee. She told me about her collections of coffee and tea sets. Her dream is to open a coffee shop, and has been collecting coffee cups and tea sets for years. As they were taking over her house, a friend recommended that she get a booth at the Flea Market. 

Here I used the new mini-watercolor kit I'd just made. I love making lines with just watercolor.

We're all looking forward to our next visit!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Last Month at the Arcade Restaurant

I haven't gotten around to scanning my sketches from this month's sketch group, but I noticed I hadn't posted these yet. As Lindsay and Martha posted, we sketched at the Arcade Restaurant in January, and had a lovely time visiting. It was a big, lively group, and we passed around sketchbooks and geeked out about materials.

The Arcade Restaurant is "Memphis's Oldest Cafe." It's pretty great - they make a mean breakfast, and have good burgers, pizza, and Southern food, too. They took amazingly good care of us on our visit. I had made reservations for 12, and we ended up with about 16 people, and they accommodated us beautifully. The woman who waited on us did an amazing job, too.

We love sketching at historic locations, especially when we can also enjoy some delicious food!