Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Finding Coffee in Montreal

View of our park from Margaret's coffee shop

Margaret had her coffee here in the mornings because it had an ATM, healthy snacks and was across the street from the apartment.

On my first day in Montreal, it was Sunday and Margaret's coffee shop was closed. I found the Padaria Portuguesa open.The coffee was good and they spoke French and Portuguese.
So for the next two weeks this is where I had my breakfast of ham & cheese on a fresh baked bun and  chocolate bread. And I got the opportunity to draw the many regulars who had their breakfast here also.

Padaria Portuguesa

view from the bakery

Center of Attention

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Otherlands Chairs

When I arrive at Otherlands before the other customers, I often draw the chairs...

and the tables.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

People Doing Things at Otherlands

making coffee at Otherlands
 I like to draw people doing things. That is what I do some weekend mornings at Otherlands Coffee Shop

ordering coffee at Otherlands

paying for coffee at Otherlands

playing music at Otherlands
listening to live music at Otherlands
coming & going at Otherlands

doing projects at Otherlands

pontificating at Otherlands

having conversations at Otherlands

trying to get a word in edgewise at Otherlands

thinking at Otherlands
brooding at Otherlands

staying connected at Otherlands

standing at the bar at Otherlands

sitting at the bar at Otherlands
reading the newspaper at Otherlands

reading & watching at Otherlands

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sketch Group at the Brooks Museum of Art

west entrance of the Brooks
Seven sketchers showed up at the Brooks last Saturday, but I only got four of them in this photograph.

Here are five of the sketch books.
This was my first time to lead a sketch group and I was not a very competent leader.

main entrance of the modern part

trying to enjoy drawing architecture
connecting the old and new

The Marisol Exhibit was very entertaining. 
Three for Tea
I appreciate artist with a sense of humor.

John Wayne