Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Visit to the Dixon Gallery and Gardens

On Saturday, December 6, we met at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens for a morning of sketching. We love going to the Dixon - they are so friendly, there is plenty to sketch in the galleries, and when the weather is nice the gardens are perfect for sketching. It was chilly and windy on Saturday, so we stayed inside and sketched the Rodin exhibit. I forgot to take pictures when we shared our sketchbooks at the end, so here are my scans.

The lobby, decorated for Christmas with a beautiful Greely Myatt piece hanging above the desk. (Click image for more detail.)

This is Rodin by his student Paul Paulin. I love that we have to use pencil in the galleries - I forget how much I enjoy it.

In which I make Balzac look a bit like a sullen teenager.

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  1. I enjoyed meeting all of you and would like to do this again. Are you planning something for Jan.?