Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Central + Cooper

It is such a busy intersection + it was also the St. Jude marathon that day.  We got a kick out of listening to the cops direct traffic + the drivers that were not happy at all.  When it got quiet enough, you could hear the Christmas music playing from Midtown Nursery.  I got there an hour early because I mixed up the time.  I decided to do a longer sketch with only watercolor of the Mapco from my car:

Mapco 2

Then I sketched the nursery on the opposite corner: 

Midtown nursery

Tree lot

Midtown trees

One of the cops said we better draw him, so I did (when he would stay still enough):


My last two sketches were of the traffic light + trestle with runners under it (they were my favorites of the day):




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