Thursday, April 28, 2011

Next Sketch Group - Saturday May 7th

Memphis Urban Sketchers - Next Sketch Group
Memphis Farmers Market and South Main Street
Saturday, May 7

Time for another sketch group with Memphis Urban Sketchers! There will be plenty of opportunities for you to join us at your leisure:
10:00 AM
Memphis Farmers Market
Meet behind the coffee stand on the north end. We plan to get some good early light, and will have plenty of food stalls, people and nearby architecture to sketch.
12:00 PM Meet back by the coffee stand to see everyone's sketches.

12:30 PM
Meet at the Arcade Restaurant for lunch and more sketching.
After lunch (or during if you don't care to have lunch) sketch around the intersection of South Main and GE Patterson.
2:00 PM Meet back in front of the Arcade to see everyone's sketches.

2:00 pm
Meet in front of the Arcade Restaurant.
Wander up South Main to Butler, making sure to sketch Ernestine & Hazel's and the firehouse at South Main and Butler.
4:00 PM Meet at South Main and Butler to see everyone's sketches.

Feel free to come and go as you please or stay for the whole day! There is a lot to draw down there. All skill levels are welcome, and participants are free to attend at your convenience. If you have any questions, leave a comment here or email me at e(at)elizabethalley(dot)com.

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