Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Sketch

We met at Bluff City Coffee for the December Urban Sketchers Memphis Group. It was a beautiful, warm day for December. I drew a few of the buildings on the 500 block of S. Main. I've always loved the Frank James Hotel sign, so I wanted to make sure I included it. The building next door had a cute Merry Christmas banner up. I love the trolley lines in the sketch. I had fun doing this one and I scaled down!!! Yay!

We walked a little bit down the street to draw The National Civil Rights Museum. I got my watercolors out to fill this one in. I love the colors; seafoam green is my favorite.

Group pic:

A few of us went to the Arcade for lunch. I got a strawberry shake + fries. The shake was AMAZING!!! Here's a quick sketch before I had to take a bite:

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